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  • Thursday 1/21/15 Thursday 1/21/15




    OLY Tonight at 6:00pm!

    Mobility and review of all movements

    With a 25 minute running clock:
    5 Rounds starting at the top of every 5 minutes:
    3 min AMRAP (2 min rest between rounds)
    20 Double Unders
    10 OHS (95/65)
    5 HSPU

    *Record score for each AMRAP, go all out but try to keep scores consistent!

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  • Wednesday 1/20/15 Wednesday 1/20/15




    10 Min EMOM:
    1 Hang squat clean + 1 Squat C&J (does not have to be performed together, just need to complete both in the minute).  @ 60-65% 1 RM C&J + 5-10lb increase from last week.
    6 Minutes of goat training:
    T2B or K2E

    9 Minute AMRAP:
    3 C&J (135/95)
    3 C2B pull ups
    6 C&J
    6 C2B
    9 C&J
    9 C2B

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  • Tuesday 1/19/15 Tuesday 1/19/15




    *OLY tonight at 6:00pm!

    20 Minutes to complete:
    4x2 Back squats @ 90% 1RM across
    1 set of ME unbroken kipping HSPU
    1 max distance handstand walk

    15 Minute EMOM:
    10 Burpees + 5 Wall balls (20/14)
    *If you fail to complete all 15 reps in the minute, the remainder of the 15 minutes becomes an AMRAP of 10 burpees, 5 wall balls. Score will be how many minutes completed as an EMOM and then how many rounds as an AMRAP.

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Blog Updates:

  • WOD Posts – Update WOD Posts – Update
    As most of you are aware, we have decided to move our daily WOD posts to the members only “In the Line” facebook group. If you haven’t already, please join the group for updates, invites, daily WOD archive, and all things CFTBL! Our website will continue to be updated, so be sure to check out the blog as well!...
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  • January Athlete of the Month: Christina Pietruszkiewicz January Athlete of the Month: Christina Pietruszkiewicz
    We would like to congratulate our January Athlete of the Month Christina Pietruszkiewwicz! Always smiling, always working incredibly hard, Cristina brings such a positive vibe to the box. But don’t let the quiet side fool you, she is very determined and never stops working to get better. Anytime a box has someone as hardworking and positive as Cristina, it is bound to have a contagious effect and make the box full of good energy. Cristina is getting stronger and more skilled everyday and there is no doubt she is going to reach heights she never thought possible! We are so...
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  • Yoga with Lucy Yoga with Lucy
    It’s that time again: Yoga with Lucy! Join us Saturday, January 9th at 11:30am at the box. Bring your family and/or a friend. $10.00 at the door! (No mat needed). Yoga can benefit crossfitters in so many ways, including: *Improving your range of motion and general mobility. *Helps you focus *Teaches you how to breathe more efficiently *Developes your ability to balance *Gives you time to relax after a hard WOD *Reinforces good positioning See you there!...
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