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  • Thursday 10/02/14 Thursday 10/02/14




    *OLY class tonight at 6:00pm!

    Find 1RM bench press

    Bench press (75% of 1 RM)
    Strict pull ups or chin ups
    (use weighted vest if possible)

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  • Wednesday 10/01/14 Wednesday 10/01/14




    Warm up:
    Junkyard dog
    Burgener warm up

    Snatch Skill Work:
    12 min EMOM (60-65% of 1 RM)
    min 1-3: 3 Hang power snatch
    min 4-6: 3 Power snatch (from ground)
    min 7-9: 2 Hang squat snatch
    min 10-12: 2 Squat snatch (from ground)

    10 min AMRAP
    (go up by 3 reps each: 3, 6, 9, 12...)
    Goblet squat (53/35)
    Alternating KB snatch (53/35)
    Box jump overs (24/20)

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  • Tuesday 09/30/14 Tuesday 09/30/14




    10 RFT
    15 WB burpees
    10 Power cleans (135/95)
    5 k2e

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Blog Updates:

  • WOD for Cory – 10/3 WOD for Cory – 10/3




    This Friday (10/3) at 4:45pm we will be doing a special WOD in honor of our friend and CFTBL athlete Cory Fullana. Cory will be leaving us for one year to serve in the US Army in England.

    We'll have a great fun WOD led by Cory himself! After, we will have some beverages and food so everybody bring your best paleo dish or at least something healthy....or not so healthy! It will be a great send off to a great guy who is always the most supportive team player we could ever ask for. Hope to see you all...

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  • Congratulations Coach Matt Wheeler! Congratulations Coach Matt Wheeler!




    On behalf of the entire CFTBL family, we would like to send our warmest congratulations to Coach Matt Wheeler and his wife Amber on the birth of their son Rylan Wayne Wheeler. Rylan was born today 9/29/14 weighing in at 3 pounds 10 ounces, 17.5 inches. Mom and baby are doing great! Congratulations Matt and Amber, I am sure we will see little Rylan on the mats in no time! Pictures to follow.

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  • Bulletproof Your Coffee! Bulletproof Your Coffee!
    Bulletproof Coffee: What is it? Why drink it? Bulletproof coffee: sounds a bit odd, right? Have you ever heard of this strange new way to drink your morning cup of joe? I have, and to be honest once I read the ingredients for the first time I kind of put this whole idea on the back burner. I really was not into dumping butter and oil into something I was about to drink first thing in the morning. I mean, let’s be honest here: I am already giving up my creamer and splenda for the Paleo diet, I was...
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