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  • Friday 03/27/15: Open WOD 15.5 Friday 03/27/15: Open WOD 15.5




    Workout 15.5:
    27-21-15-9 reps for time of:

    Row (calories)
    Thrusters (M 95 lb.  F 65 lb.)

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  • Thursday 03/26/15 Thursday 03/26/15




    *OLY Tonight at 6:00pm!

    Reminder: We will be having a 15.5 WOD Release Party at the box at 8:00pm. Bring a snack/beverage and let's watch the WOD together live on the big screen! All are welcome to actually do the WOD that night as well. Family and friends welcome!

    Warm up:
    Work with PVC and lax ball.

    Mobility WOD (Not for time/reps)
    14 Minutes to cycle through:
    300m Row
    10 KB Swings (pick light weight)
    10 Goblet squats (pick light weight)
    Bear crawl around rig
    30 Second hip opener stretch - Each side
    30 Second plank hold

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  • Wednesday 03/25/15 Wednesday 03/25/15




    Warm up:
    7 Minute EMOM
    7 Burpees
    7 Thursters (115/75)

    12 Minute EMOM
    Minute 1: 30 Second max effort DU
    Minute 2: 3 Front squat from ground. ( Men RX: Body weight. Women RX: 80% body weight).
    Minute 3: 30 Second max effort ab mat situp.
    Continue this cycle for 12 minutes.

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Blog Updates:

  • Extended Open Gym Hours – Sunday 3/29/15 Extended Open Gym Hours – Sunday 3/29/15
    On Sunday, 3/29 we will be extending our open gym hours. We will be open from 9am until 2pm. We will also have judges on hand for those of you who would like to do (or redo) Open WOD 15.5. Sweatshirts are also in, be sure to pick yours up!...
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  • Do you log your workouts? Do you log your workouts?
    Imagine the aftermath of a hard WOD…you know the drill: Fall to the ground, thanking the heavens above the pain is over, grab your water, give a few high fives to your friends, cheer on those who have yet to finish, then maybe some rolling/stretching, maybe a skill, then out you go. While all this is pretty typical of time spent at the box, something very important is missing. How many of you actually take the time to grab your WOD book (if you have one) to record your WOD and/or strength/skill for the day? How many of you think, “Oh, I’ll...
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  • 15.5 WOD Release Party! 15.5 WOD Release Party!
    Join us this coming Thursday, March 26th (8:00pm at the box) for the 15.5 WOD release! Bring a snack/drinks to share, and we will watch the girls go head to head live for 15.5. If you’re feeling brave, grab a partner and attack the WOD that night. Family and friends are all welcome! This is the final Open WOD of 2015, let’s have some fun! See you there!...
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