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What Makes CrossFit Thin Blue Line Different?

“Thin Blue Line” has long been a term that signifies the camaraderie of police officers and the color blue has a long tradition in policing as well. “The Thin Blue Line” also represents the line between good and evil, between peace and anarchy, and between those who serve justice and those who choose to challenge it. Also included on our logo on the left hand side is the symbol for “One Ass to Risk”. This signifies that if two or more people bond together to risk their life for a greater cause, for the purpose of the mission they are one.  CrossFit also builds strong bonds between those who train together.  In addition, CrossFit has long been the principal strength and conditioning program for many police, fire, and military units. In recent years CrossFit has spread to the rest of society and now everyone from children to grandmothers can be found benefiting from CrossFit training methodologies.  While many of our athletes do come from law enforcement backgrounds we are not a law enforcement only affiliate.  We train men, women and children from all backgrounds and would be honored to train you.


The brotherhood and sisterhood that ties our Nation’s military, police, fire, and medical response, is the same one that ties us here at CrossFit Thin Blue Line.  We are a community, not of one profession, but of one mindset.  We are individuals from every walk of life, yet we are bound by our desire to push past our perceived limits.  At CrossFit Thin Blue Line, we have found that the most effective way to do this is to maintain a family with members and coaches who hold one another accountable and are confident, honest, knowledgeable, and passionate.


The unique and personal experience at CrossFit Thin Blue Line is unparalleled.  We have all original programming which means you cannot find it anywhere on the web or television and that it is tailored for our athletes and our gym.  We work through strength, gymnastic, endurance, and recovery cycles, to be sure our athletes are receiving training in all realms of crossfit and fitness.  With programming that is progressive and coaches that are qualified and that know the athletes, it allows for all to push themselves to the peak of their own fitness level while forming bonds with the support base around them.  

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